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Lawn Maintenance Business: 7 Things To Consider

In a report released by the Bureau of Labor and Statistics in 2010, it was shown that almost 1.25 million people are working in as maintenance workers. With that, the projected employment of those in the said industry is expected to increase by a quarter before 2020. Having that huge numbers of employment in the maintenance business, the demand rate is certainly going up. Not only that, but it is a tell-tale sign that it’s one of the best times to enter the market for a new lawn maintenance business.

Starting your own lawn maintenance business isn’t rocket science. In fact, NetDispatcher already recognizes this as one of the primers in the FSM industry—paving way to introduce its software to work in conjunction with lawn maintenance business. Here are 7 thing that you should consider if you want to start—or grow—your lawn maintenance business:

Set your goals and your mission statement


What you need to establish first and foremost is the purpose why you’re establishing your lawn maintenance business. Are you able to work on it full-time or do you to juggle it with your day job? How big do you want it to grow? Will you be able to handle all the business aspects of it such as taxes, sales, marketing, invoicing, etc? Did you set it up to compete with another business or do you want to establish one unique feature of yours? What are your monetary goals for the business?


Creating a mission or setting the goal for your business would give it direction. It will also help you define for what and why the business has been created. Although it may sound a bit corny or corporate, but your decisions must be shaped around the golden question: “Is it living up to my mission?”

Define your target market


As part of setting your goals and mission, identifying your target market and audience should also form part of your priorities. Do you plan to just maintain lawns in your neighbourhood or go target corporate office lawn maintenance? Do you see your business opening up different franchises scattered around the country  and be like a low-price leader? Do you hope to appeal to your conservative audience and use organic materials?


The people you are planning to target will be your market—and thus, the subject of all your marketing effort. But this usually ends in disarray, which is why you need to set it up early on what you need to target. Develop a customer avatar or customer persona. It’s also fairly simple to do: a short paragraph or two about your ideal customer, some of their traits, buying behaviour, interests, etc. It would simply be there to help you get a snapshot of what your ideal customer should be.



Now that your goals, mission, and target market is defined, it’s time to start equipping yourself with the necessary tools to run your business. But it’s also important which set of tools would you be buying. Well, you also have to consider your goals. But the rule of thumb is to get equipments that can; operate faster, so you can do more jobs; requires minimal maintenance, so you won’t need to spend more resources on fixing them; and high quality, so you can appeal as more professionally. However, always keep in mind the cheaper is not always better—invest in your equipments because they will build your business.


A couple of ways how you can decided which equipments to get and where to get them is, well, to simply ask around. Ask from your friends or peers, talk to dealers, even a simply Google search will help you analyse the prices. Also, consider the warranty that comes with your products.

Get out and promote lawn maintenance!


Old as the industry itself is one way of promoting it: get out there and promote to your target audience! It’s one sure fire way to drum up your business. However, it’s already the age of the Internet so modern technology and online marketing shouldn’t be ignored!


Whichever marketing route or strategy you do, keep it professional. It’s also worth investing on some necessary marketing efforts such as a basic website, a logo, some business cards, advertising, and even some give aways such as calendars, pens, etc. While they can’t build your brand, it’s one way of reinforcing that your first impression is positive.

Learn your metrics and grow from it!


We at NetDispatcher are proud of our FSM software, one that uses data and metrics to grow and operate, which is why this topic is dear to us. Your metrics would be a prime factor to determine if your business is growing or not. For starters, the version 3.0 of our software is live now. And the best thing is, we’re offering a 14-day trial for anyone interested! It can help you manage your clients and dispatched team. Together with that, it can also help you manage the information of your customers, easily schedule job, transmit data to and from your team, as well as automate your invoices!


But FSM softwares are not only there to help you automate your business. They can also help you collect and organize data, for you to easily manage them and use it to your advantage. With an FSM software, you can determine whether  or not you’re charging too little for a property that required you to put in longer hours, how many jobs per day your team can perform, or if you can route your team better. By analysing your data, these can be settled.

Building a team


Once your business starts to grow, you’ll eventually need a team to help you run your business. It varies from an admin assistant to help with your scheduling and invoice to full-time technicians. All of which will have a great impact to how your business will grow.


But first things first, you need to make sure that the employees you will hire are credible, trustworthy, and has the required level of skills that you’ll need. There are websites like HireRiht, Sterling, or FirstAdvantage, that can help you perform background checks. Also, another thing to ask from them are references—either from past employers or past companies.

Clients as leverage


If this isn’t your first time trying to run a business, then you should know by now that one of the most cost-effective ways of promoting your business, even up to day, is through word of mouth. Don’t be afraid to leverage your customers advantage to your business! Ask testimonials and use them. Be it for a case study, a newsletter, or even some Facebook/Twitter engagement. Most clients and customers are willing to do this if you’re service has met their expectation.


If you’re willing to spend to get some exposure, you can also spend some money for referrals or other marketing tactic! Hold contests, send packages with business cards, stickers, etc. Also, listing your business even in just your local scene would be helpful! Remember, though, to always monitor your activities to determine which ones are the most effective so you can improve your future marketing efforts.


If you’re planning a get-go with a lawn maintenance business, there’s no harm in trying out our free 14-day trial to give you a head start!

Click here to get your free trial!


We’ve also dedicated an entire page just for your niche, check it out here!
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