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Machine Learning


Over the last few weeks I have discussed the difference between Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality, while also exploring the world of Artificial Intelligence.  At Husky Intelligence we are continually striving to produce a better software with technological features not seen in other Field Service Management software.  Our use of automated features enables us to set the standard.  But, what if a machine could learn without being explicitly programmed?  What if the machine could produce its own automation features without the assistance of human interaction?


What it is – technology check


Machine learning is a component of Artificial Intelligence in that the system learns without human interference.  Essentially, we give the machine the data and it will learn from that data and produce its own results.  Many companies and their engineers are realizing the advantages and benefits of giving the information to the system and letting it think for itself.  The engineers realized the efficiency of coding these systems to think like humans and give access to the internet where they would have all the information in the world.


Examples and Applications


Arthur Samuel coined the term “machine learning” in 1959 while working for IBM.  Samuel, if you recall from the Artificial Intelligence blog, was responsible for programming a computer to play chess and compete against some of the best chess players in the world.  Machine learning studies patterns and constructs algorithms to assist it in making predictions or decisions.  Though you may not have heard of machine learning, we witness it in action almost every day.  Your email is a prime example of machine learning.  The system learns your email habits and automates a filtering process to separate legitimate emails from spam or malicious ones.  In 2014, computer engineers were successful in creating a machine that contained an algorithm that could study art paintings and produce a list of influences from other artists found in that painting.  Surprisingly, influences never before thought of were provided that left many stunned.


Outlook of Machine Learning


The world of machine learning has a promising and vibrant future.  Industries that work with large amounts of data can benefit from this technology.  The self-automation features are providing efficient ways for companies to better run their process while gaining advantage over their competitors.  Public safety and utility agencies for the government are using machine learning to assist them detect fraud and minimize identity theft.  Health care companies using machine learning technology, such as wearable devices and sensors, can track and assess a patient’s health in real time.  This technology allows doctors to analyse data and spot trends leading to better diagnoses and treatments.


Field Service Management companies can benefit greatly from machine learning.  The ability for the system to spot trends and run more efficiently enables companies to escape the unnecessary headaches and complications!  Husky Intelligence sees the potential and benefit of machine learning.  To provide a better system for our field service management customers, we are implementing new automated features that can help your company run more efficiently, provide real-time data, and identify trends that the human brain would never predict.  Husky Intelligence understands the advantages machine learning has in our ever-growing technological society, and our customers deserve the best.




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