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What can you expect from the latest Microsoft Office update?

What to expect from the new Microsoft Office update

What to expect from the new Microsoft Office update


Later this year, Microsoft will launch a new update for Microsoft Office. As this is the next big update since 2016, the system is expected to come with new, improved features.

Improved user experience


One of the most important changes is the simplification of the ribbon on top of the window. With a lot of a different tools and options, the ribbon has felt too full and cluttered to many. Microsoft is taking its time with this update for the desktop version, but has already started rolling out the feature to users of the web version of Word. If you prefer the old ribbon, there is an option to keep using it.


Another important feature is search. Besides the user being able to write in the search bar themselves, the system also uses the power of artificial intelligence to help them by giving search recommendations.


New program-specific features include text to speech for Word, 2D maps and funnel charts for Excel, Morph and Zoom for PowerPoint (pictured below) as well as mentions for Outlook.


Office 2019

PowerPoint Zoom


Office 365


Microsoft’s subscription- and cloud-based system, Office 365, is updated as the new features are rolled out. This means that if you are an Office 365 ProPlus subscriber, the system is updated automatically. Consequently, you might have already seen some of the new features in your apps.


Microsoft seems to be favoring its subscribers over users of the desktop version – all of the new features will not be in Office 2019. On the other hand, Office 365 ProPlus subscribers are already starting to gain access to the new features, along with being promised updates in the future.


If your business is interested in the Office 2019 Windows Commercial Preview, you can register for it at Microsoft’s Collaborate portal. Microsoft offers this preview for businesses who currently do not use Microsoft Office.

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