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humanitarian ai

humanitarian AI

Microsoft focuses on humanitarian AI: Utilizing tech for humanitarian work

We already know artificial intelligence can do a lot of good. Now Microsoft wants to use its AI tech for something good. In this blog post, we will walk you through the tech giant’s plans regarding humanitarian work.

AI for Humanitarian Action

Microsoft is putting an effort into using its powers for good. Now, the company has shared its plans to put $40 million towards humanitarian projects in the next five years.

The four focus points of the AI for Humanitarian Action program are children’s needs, disaster relief, refugees as well as human rights. These efforts are aimed to improve the response processes of organizations.

As Microsoft published the news, its president Brad Smith shared his beliefs that artificial intelligence in humanitarian work could help “save more lives, alleviate suffering, and restore human dignity”.

Microsoft’s pledge for doing good

This is not Microsoft’s first big project benefiting the people. Last year, the tech giant pledged $50 million to help the Earth by improving biodiversity with the help of artificial intelligence, among other things. This is called AI for Earth .

The next one in the series of pledges is AI for Accessibility, which focuses on creating more accessible technology for people with disabilities. Microsoft announced an investment of $25 million for this project.

These investments offer grants to initiatives working towards the same goals. For example, a conservation effort which aims to utilize AI to recognize the different calls of elephants to track them has been given a grant. Furthermore, over 100 initiatives just for AI for Earth have been given grants.

Can artificial intelligence solve all of Earth’s problems? That remains a mystery, but for now we can say it is doing a great job helping.

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