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Mobility in Field Service Management

Mobile integration or mobility in an FSM software is one of its key selling point—it’s an advantage, none the less.

In the field service industry where HVAC, landscaping, and even pest control contractors are popping up left and right, field service management software is becoming a necessity as well. The key features of dispatching, scheduling, routing and other advance features makes it easier for managers and owners to keep their business process seamless. Moreover, with mobility, there’s no reason why field services shouldn’t make use of an FSM software.


Without mobility or mobile integration, the whole idea of field service management wouldn’t properly function. The main purpose of an FSM software is, well, to streamline the communication process between the home office and those in the field.


Even with the key features of scheduling or dispatching, it would be inefficient and ineffective unless there’s mobile integration of the system.


To reiterate, why the need for mobility when it comes to any FSM Software?


Earlier versions of  a number of field service management systems provided only a centralization of information and data. However, it wasn’t integrated into mobile nor to a computer. Prior to latest updates, the previous process would require field or service technicians to record the data they’ve gathered into paper documents. Then, it would only be updated for the system when they’ve reached the office, more so by transferring it manually.


Even more so, apart from calling the field service technicians, there was practically no way the desk operators and field service technicians could communicate efficiently. If they needed data, they’d have to call each other and narrate what’s needed.


With the latest updates to FSM softwares much like NetDispatcher, these problems and hassles can now be solved. These are some of the advantages which can help you manage your business remotely:


Real-time scheduling





Scheduling and routing features are the highlight of any field service management software. Having them integrated into mobile takes it up to another scale that will allow your business and employees to have a better communication process. When both you and your agents mobile devices can access the FSM system, planning work, schedules, and route will be a breeze.

In terms of routing, if your team is on the field, you can work on route optimization for the pending job services for other customers. With this process, the dispatched team will work systematically and will improve their productivity as they’ll have more work orders done in a day.


Communication Transparency


If you’re FSM Software is mobile integrated, then you’ll always be able to determine what your field agents are working on or where they are at. Real time job updates and even GPS-location is available. The best part about mobile integration is that it allows real-time communication between your field agents and your home office—that way, each end can have easy access when information is needed.


Backend information access


If you’re technicians or agents are out in the field or service, there is a high chance that they need access to a lot of information that’s available in the backend of your system. This is in cases where they need manuals or diagrams for the job, or some documents that will help them for the job. While it’s guaranteed that your employees are experts in their line of work, there are times when they need tools or techniques that can enable them to work more efficiently.


If your FSM software is integrated with mobility, then your field agents can easily access those information in the home base. Also, they can access history of repairs for the customers, warranties of information or certain assets of the customers that allows them to work on the job faster and better. Lastly, there’s no need to call the office back and forth for the billing or invoicing process, it can be easily done on site.


Data collection and accounting


Again, previous versions (or outdated) of FSM systems would require field service agents/technicians to entry the data they’ve gathered into the home system manually. Aside from a lot of work, this could also leave room for error and likewise takes more time. Now, if the software has mobile integration, then field agents can enter the data and it will be synchronized with the system in the office/backend.


Likewise said earlier, this feature also allows them to render accounting and invoicing on site. This advance feature will also be recorded simultaneously with the home system once they’ve input it.



If you’re business is struggling with productivity of your employees, errors in scheduling, or just having trouble with time management, then an FSM software is perfect for you. Moreover, all the above features makes it necessary that the software you choose can be integrated for mobile. Your employees and, more importantly, your field technicians represent your company. They are the forefront image that reflects your business’ quality. If they perform seamlessly and always ready, your customers are satisfied and your business grows.


NetDispatcher is one of the leading FSM Software providers that allows business owners to integrate the system into mobile. There’s no need for any software for mobile nor any additional cost. It works by operating with a cloud based system that can be easily accessed thru a web browser. Even better, we offer a free 14-day trial—no credit cards needed, all features included.

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Or you can give the NetDispatcher team a call at 281-815-4665 and get an in-depth demo today!

Do you have any suggestions as to the importance of a mobile integration for any software needed for business management? Let us know in the comments below!

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