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Growing potential in property maintenance services

Necessary information available regardless of time and place.

With Husky ERP, you can access the information you need, no matter where or when. All the data in Husky is at your disposal both on your computer and on your mobile.


The papers are mixed up and in ten different places. Excel did not even save the last changes. The customer calls, and complains about the work done. How can I find that work report? Who visited the site and would know more about it? Does this sound familiar?

As a user of Husky cloud-based ERP, you will no longer encounter such situations. All data is always available. Customer register, jobs, instructions, contracts, invoices, all in one place.

In the Husky system, you can do searches agile, and you can find the information you need in a customer service situation immediately. Not to mention the time savings that can be achieved by moving to completely paperless job control. Our smooth interface makes the leap to modern work control unprecedentedly easy.
On the scientific side, Raggad (2010) writes about the confidentiality, integrity, and availability of information. In a nutshell, Raggad means that the necessary information must be available to the right person at the right time, and the information in the system must be indisputable. Indisputability requires that the data modifiers, users, must be able to be authenticated. Raggad’s perspective is in information security, but we think the themes mentioned previously also make everyday life easier for every company.
In the Husky system, information is intact, and users’ rights can restrict access to information if needed. The system is also inaccessible without access, and data modifications are always traced. Compared to running a variety of papers and notes, your business takes a big step towards safer operations with Husky ERP. In addition, information recorded on the mobile about the work done with its products and travel allowances is automatically transferred to the invoice. The chances of an error decrease again as manual work decreases.
With Husky ERP, critical information for your business is always available and intact. It makes everyday life easier, and enables more effective knowledge-based management in your service company. Feel free to contact Husky Sales. We will be happy to tell you more about the benefits of Husky!

Book: Raggad, B. G. (2010). Information security management: concepts and practice. CRC Press.
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