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Why You Need A Field Service Software Today

Field service software, whenever we speak of it, we’re almost always reliant on them because they eliminate administrative work; paving the way for us to work on other things more important when it comes to our business.


But in this day and age in the field service industry—with the advent of the mobile workforce—field management solutions now have a new driving force why organizations should look at field service software.


Over the past years in the field management industry, the landscape of it has driven a myriad of implementation and adaption for their processes. Technologies and features have been innovated to cater to needy service organizations


And with the emergence of connected devices and equipments that’s readily available for your seamless process, it creates a new necessity for the industry.


These devices and equipments are available remotely—they trigger service calls, provides solutions for mobility, creates convenience whenever access to information, and more.

Speaking of mobile solutions, automating your business can be done with ease even on your mobile.


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With these mobile solutions, improving the timetable of the projects or services can all be done with ease. Together with that, augmented reality tools now allow direct interaction with the team even in different physical locations.


But here’s the catch…


Why should you consider a field service software today? Is it for efficiency of the process or will this save your business money?


The answer is both.


It creates efficiency for your business; that way, processes are organized and your employees don’t need to beat around the bush.


But the heavier and more important aspect why you should consider it is that it will greatly affect your business expenditure—mostly coming from the time you’re paying your employees to handle administrative work.


During May of this year, the US Department of Labor announced that there would be a drastic change that would increase the threshold of income for the salaried employees who are eligible for overtime pay. It’s estimated that there are around 4.2 million workers who would be eligible for overtime wages for hours beyond the 40 hour week.


Among those 4.2 million workers, a great number of them would come from field service technicians and their respective colleagues—which, if you’re under the same industry, would most likely be your employees.


These employees spend more time accurately tracking the time to which a project would need, and that’s just the start of it. Now, with a field service software, when you analyze or collect the time of your field technicians, it’s no longer limited to calculating their productivity and efficiency. Now, there’s a drive for it because it factors in your ROI and there’s a regulatory motive for them to not overspend their time.


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In terms of administrative work and the HR department, we all know the burden we impose upon them when they go through the tedious process of manually collecting time and/or double-entering their information in between systems. And now, these improper or error-prone time tracking will have a consequence—obviously imposition of penalties and fines, another added expenditure for your business.


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