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Online Presence For Your Business in 3 Steps

When it comes to marketing your business, whether a corporation or an SME, your online presence plays a critical role. But where do you start?

Aside from being easily reached our having a face for your business online, online presence gives your business credibility. Those coming in to your website will give them an idea of the quality of service you provide or the kind of customer service you have. Also, confirming that your business exists is only one Google search away.

All in all, it’s simply one way of engaging with existing and potential customers.
But don’t be overwhelmed! It’s not complicated nor a huge topic just to get you started. Setting up an online presence for your business can be as simple as these 3 steps.
Here are some basic pointers to get you started to bringing in more customers for your business.

1. Set up a website


This is an indispensable requirement if you want to get traffic online. A website is your home base for your business—the one place that people will directly go to if they want to know more about it.
Your website must have all the pertinent information that possible customers would want to know. This is where they can check out your contact numbers, emails, pricing, services you offer, etc. But do remember to keep it simple enough for them to navigate easily.


First, make sure that you have all the information you need for your website e.g., email address, services offered, contact number, etc. Then just document them all.


For this, you can set up and build a simple website with platforms like Wix, it’s free and it allows you to build a small website without any coding skills needed.


But if you want to really invest in a website, there are a number of platforms that allows you to create a more in-depth website. Platforms such as WordPress or Squarespace will let you do this.

2. Social Media


Social networks are important, especially if you have a business to run. But if you only plan on using one network, stick with Facebook.  The number of users makes it stand out as one of the best engagement in social media platforms.


With regards to their advertising platform, Facebook allows you to easily target interest and region.


But why social media for online presence? Aside from allowing you to easily provide updates for those who follow you, it’s also a space for you, as a business owner, to be creative in the outlet. In addition to that, photos makes social media a powerful tool. They can be a source of your marketing ideas and for making viral content—all for your brand!


Once you’ve set up Facebook, it’s well to know that you should consider Twitter and Instagram as your next steps. That way, you’ll reach more channels and more audience. But keep in mind that it’s not enough for you to have your social media channels, you should also be consistent in posting there. Set up a realistic calendar on how much you would post.

3. Online reviews


Lastly, but should still not be ignored, is getting online reviews. Feedbacks, survey forms, credibility logos, etc—these would form part of amplifying your online presence. The more positive reviews you have the more impact it will create for anyone to come into your traffic.
(If you’re looking for an FSM software with great credibility, check out Capterra’s review of NetDispatcher here.)


But of course, there will be, from time to time, some negative or less than favorable reviews for your business. In those cases, it’s best if you would keep them in private or restructure them in a way that would identify the ways you can improve your service process or customer service.


Facebook pages and Google Business or Yelp are such places where you can get these online reviews. Alternatively, testimonials and quotes from your customers can also help you as this can be great content for your site.


online presence


For in-depth information on how you can innovate your field service business, check out how you can do it in five easy steps: Innovating Your Field Service For Success in Five Steps.


Doing these things—building your website, social media, reviews—they are all simple yet effective ways of building your online presence. Remember that in today’s age, online presence plays a key role in how you get customers to find you and the internet is your forefront for it! If they searched for your service and your name pops up first, you’re likely their first choice!


If you’re a business owner that’s into the field service industry, you’ll definitely grow more with a Field Service Management Software!

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Does your business have its online presence set up? If you have a favorite platform that you use to spread the word, let us know in the comments below!

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