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Responsibility check: Redistribute, automate, modify and eliminate

responsibility check

Responsibility check: Redistribute, automate, modify and eliminate

What are some of the most important responsibilities within your company? How do the responsibilities differ from role to role – their amount, difficulty and time spent on them? Does your business have these written somewhere? If yes, when was the last time you reviewed them? While you ponder these questions, we will dive into the reasons why your company should have a responsibility check and how.


Responsibilities updated


As the world keep spinning, so does the field service industry and each and every business in it. With the constant introduction of new technologies, the tasks for a field service employee are not what they were, say, ten years ago. For example, with FSM software, companies can easily automate a large number of tasks which used to be done by a human. If your company has last assigned responsibilities a few years back, there is a chance that they are not up to date.


As software takes over some of the old responsibilities, it might be time to tweak them. Furthermore, you could also be looking at possibly adding new ones to the list. Some responsibilities might even need to be removed as the times change. Open up a discussion with your staff – someone might feel they are ready for more responsibilities, while someone might feel like they are drowning in them. Some might have ideas on what you could do differently when it comes to responsibilities. It is important to find the balance between doing enough but not overworking your employees.

Review, renew and remind


Even if the responsibilities within the company are clearly stated and work, it is important to review them every now and then. The smallest of changes in the industry or the business can call for a renewal of these responsibilities. Little updates can make a difference and create a clearer picture of the duties assigned to each role.


In addition, it is always good to have a reminder of what is expected of each employee. This applies for both the management and the employees themselves. Review and record any changes and make sure they are accessible to all needed parties. And remember to go back whenever new duties are introduced in order to keep up with it all.

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