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Choose SaaS over traditional software – 4 reasons why!

Four reasons why you should choose SaaS over traditional software

Four reasons why you should choose SaaS over traditional software


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What is Software as a Service (SaaS)?

In SaaS, the software is hosted by its provider and instead of installing it on the customer’s computer, the software can be accessed through the internet. It is most often subscription-based. Some examples of this kind of software include Microsoft Office 365 and Hubspot. Here are the four main reasons you should choose Software as a Service over traditional software!

1. Pay for what you use

Instead of having to invest large amounts of money for software at once, Software as a Service is often subscription-based. In addition, some providers even offer a free trial of their software. Therefore it is easier for the company to decide, whether the software fits its needs. And if those needs change and the company no longer needs the software, they can end the subscription rather easily. This way the company only pays for what they actually use.

2. Less time-consuming

Traditional software takes up more time. First of all, it needs to be installed separately on each computer. The provider is rarely able to take care of the installation right away, which adds more time to the process before the software is even installed. SaaS operates on the internet and due to this, you do not need to waste time on installation. Users are also able to launch the software faster with mobile devices.

3. Accessibility

With SaaS, the software and the data in it can be accessed through any device connected to the internet – computers, tablets and mobile phones. When users are able to use the software on their mobile devices, it also reduces hardware purchase costs. All necessary parties can easily be registered as users. Traditional software requires access to a computer every time you want to retrieve data from the system. With SaaS, you can use the software anywhere, anytime, as long as you have an internet connection. As a result, the system is far more flexible than traditional software.

4. Automatic updates

With traditional software, updating the software often means purchasing the newest version, while with SaaS, updates often happen automatically and free of charge. The cloud-based software enables the provider to inform the customer about these updates through itself. Due to this, your company needs to put less the amount of money, time and effort into keeping your software up to date – the provider will do it for you.

Software as a Service is getting more and more popular due to its convenience. In a world full of mobile devices and a need for being able to access information on the go, SaaS is the answer.

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