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Service Scheduling: FSM Essentials

Service scheduling, one of the essentials you need in your FSM software, is one of the automating process that helps your business management. It allows your business or organization in ensuring that your resources and services are scheduled properly—not just that, but that it also complies optimally and efficiently.

If you’re one among the thousands of business or company owners that have their own mobile workforce, then it’s important that you keep a close eye on your efficient scheduling. To achieve the best ROI for your productivity and optimal efficiency, you need to correctly match your service technicians to the right service calls.

Difficulties of Service Scheduling

There are a lot of technicalities or features that come along with every service scheduling software. However, a number of these are not really relevant any more. Today, you only need to look into one aspect that’s probably the most important one when choosing an FSM software: how it can make timely decisions and how it can help you plan ahead.

As a business owner, you should know that the competition is becoming more and more aggressive every passing day. That’s why you need to up the ante and operate with more efficiency. This utilizes your resources better, you work with slimmer margins for error, and you meet your clients expectations more effectively.

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Together with a mobile workforce that you’re dispatching, you’re also dealing with a remote workforce management. Along with those, there are also a number of challenges that you need to overcome, including:

  • First-time call response
  • Resources and demand equalizing
  • Dispatching team to the correct job
  • Tracking field and remote teams
  • Travel time optimization
  • Planned maintenance and breakdown service

Benefits of using a service scheduling software

While there are some obstacles that you need to hurdle when using service scheduling, the benefits outweighs them heavily. For starters, most of the challenges can be resolved with the use of an updated or sophisticated computer system.

Service scheduling is only a matter of managing your business with the help of automation, so an understanding of the software or program can help you achieve that effectively. With an FSM software that has an integrated service scheduling feature, you and your team can have the right tools and interface to optimize your workforce. Moreover, cloud-based softwares are increasing in demand, due to the needed update in real time. Considering that your dispatched team is the one that will come to resolve a remote issue, they need access to the important information as well.

The main purpose of using an FSM software is to easily manage your business, so a service scheduling is a must have. Most of these solutions—service scheduling features—are there in order for you to simply your service dispatching, automate your work force management, and ensure that it’s all done with efficiency. And with these solutions, you’re not just second guessing. They are all based from proven business concepts and best practices in the industry.

There are also FSM softwares that have taken great consideration in choosing the features of their service scheduling. They include features such as integrating resources from all sources and into one system, multi-day tasks, and appointment bookings. At the same time, it gives you, the owner, complete supervision into everything that goes on in your company—work orders, schedules, assets, tasks, reporting, timesheets—there is transparency.

service scheduling

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If you’re considering automating your business with an FSM software that has a great service scheduling feature, NetDispatcher has just recently released a third version of their FSM software. Their also offering a free 14-day trial for any type of business.

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Our FSM software has an in-depth service scheduling feature, complete with these benefits:

  • Customer data- You’ll easily manage and access pertinent information, history, and other things that will ensure that the job is completed. Not only that, you’re remote workers will have the same access to the critical data as well.
  • Time Management- If there are ever unapplied time, you can track these. You’ll have visibility into how your workers are spending their time, and if ever there’s lack of it, you can assign more billable tasks for improved productivity levels.
  • Positive tendencies- If you’re among those type of bosses that apply a merit system, you can work on applying the same with this. Holding your workers accountable for whatever they worked on, you can either reward them positively or reinforce their missed numbers.
  • Satisfaction- This affects both your customers and your technicians. When work is done efficiently and the output is great, your technicians appreciate their work environment better and your customers reap the benefits better and faster.
  • Work order management- Dispatch teams remotely and create work orders. You can also base your orders on relevant data such as urgency, proximity, level of expertise, and availability.
  • Route planning- For those that take urgency and fuel- economy for the work orders, this one’s a winning feature. Especially if you factor in tight service scheduling for work orders, you can prioritize requests.

While some say that service scheduling is more like a balancing act, once you get the hang of it, it will just be a normal part of your business process. Together with the right application, the right FSM software, and the right people, service scheduling will help your business grow through optimization and efficiency.

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