Shopify AR: Bringing products to life with your camera

Shopify AR

Shopify AR: Bringing products to life with your camera

AR is everywhere these days. From classrooms to job searches, more and more entities choose to adopt this technology. As the new iOS 12 is now available for users, Shopify brings augmented reality to the world of e-commerce. The new AR capabilities bring the products live, but how?

AR: the future of commerce


Shopify believes that augmented reality is an important part in revolutionizing online shopping. That is why the Ottawa-based company is bringing the technology to its website.


The new iOS update enables the usage of AR on its Safari browser, meaning companies can now offer AR features to their customers on their website, without them having to download a separate application to access them.


It is the ARKit 2 in the update which enables the usage of this technology. AR applications are not a new thing, but the new AR Quick Look now brings AR straight into the internet browser. This makes utilizing AR more low-entry for the customers, thus improving the access to these features.

What can the AR feature actually do?


The technology allows the user to place 3D models of products in their surroundings with the camera on their smartphones for example. With this feature, the customer can examine the product from all angles without having to physically bring it home.


This could be a very useful tool when trying to find the right furniture into a small space. Besides that, it not only gives a better idea what the product looks in real life but especially what it looks like in your own home.

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