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I Don’t Need SMS — I Don’t Even Know What It Is!

“Short Message Service” or SMS has grown and morphed as many technologies do. It’s often hard to imagine at its outset, but as each new element takes shape, creators and end users alike go racing ahead to figure out what else they need it to do. If you’re not using SMS as part of your Field Service Management Strategy, you’re missing out on a great opportunity!

The Early Days of SMS


Friedhelm Hillebrand and Bernard Ghillebaert developed the concept of SMS in 1984. Their goal was to leverage telephone systems to send and receive these short messages when there was not a high demand on the phones. A brilliant concept that had a slow start in the 80’s but is going wild now.


The first SMS message was sent in the UK in December, 1992. The message…”Merry Christmas.” Then, Nokia released the first mobile phone that enabled easy creation of these messages in January 1994.


In her article entitled “A Brief History of Text Messaging”, Christine Erickson notes that in 1995 Americans sent on average .4 SMS messages per month.  By 2000 that number had grown to 35 SMS messages per month. Just think what it is today.


One constraint that hindered the early development years was that people could only send these messages to other people with whom they shared the same network.  In 1999 Americans could finally send SMS messages to people using any network and the rush began!

Do you remember these user interfaces?


  • The numeric keys for dialing your mobile phone that had multiple alpha characters assigned to each number for messages? You pushed that number multiple times to get the desired character. Aghhhh! Makes me want to scream even now!
  • There were also devices that had QWERTY keyboards like a typewriter, except with really tiny little keys.
  • Touch screen technology brought better screen sizes that were shared for keyboard space when needed.
  • Needless to say, if I speak a message and it instantaneously translates to text, that’s an amazing help. Aside from the convenience, this capability offers many a comical situation when the speech is mistranslated to text.


Why bother with a SMS Strategy for your business?


Experts agree

  • Businesses will increase their use of SMS because it’s an effective and flexible platform
  • Customers often prefer meaningful SMS more than voice or email communication
  • Innovation and competion in SMS platforms will drive increased functionality and reduced cost

5 Easy ways to make a big difference in your business.


If you’re running a Field Service Management business, let Husky Intelligence show you how to leverage SMS as we automate your business. 


  1. Automate SMS Service Reminder Notifications to your customers
  2. Automate a customer loyalty SMS to trigger automatically when they schedule their next job with you.
  3. Better yet, if someone calls to schedule work with you for the first time, and they tell you a friend referred them to your business, automatically send the referring customer a personalized SMS to say “Thank You” right when that job is scheduled.
  4. Define your service parameters and automate SMS notifications to your service manager so exceptions can be addressed BEFORE they become issues.
  5. Set up an automated notification for route changes for your field service personnel.  It will help keep everyone on track.

You’ll be amazed at the value for your Customers!   And think about all the money you will save in time and aggravation it eliminates for your staff.

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