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Study Says: “Ease of Use is Very Important!”

What are people looking for when they select new field service software?

In our previous post we discussed about the importance of functionalities and that the CRM, costing and quoting -features are very important when selecting new field service software. Now, in that same study, ease of use was a close second.

*74% of field service companies counted functionality or ease of use as a top priority for choosing new software.

In my opinion it means, that people are looking for a system which enables fast implementation, quick learning curve, great support and awesome training materials to support future needs, like training new employees.

Talking to our future customers, we often hear how important the usability is. It often translates to questions like; “How much training my dispatcher or my technician out on the field will need? How much time does it take to get my company up and running?” While every company is different and we take each individual process seriously and not force customers to an existing mold, implementation time will vary. Depending on the level where we start, we typically recommend following a 2 – 6 week setup and implementation plan. Ease of use plays an important part in each software product and while you’re comparing products, take note on the presentations you see with each vendor as it very often transfers to implementation time and cost. Make sure you see the product in action and run with your data.

Customers keep coming back to easy to use, easy to learn product. We see that too. Feedback we get is awesome. Our customers are able to start within days, improve the process and get their field personnel using the basic features in hours. We help them get to next level with innovative, one-to-one, online or material based training plans and great support.

Just now, a colleague across me is keeping an online training for new mobile users for a new customer. I overhear a sentence “This is pretty easy, I have seen much worse!”. ‘

First impressions are important. A new team of field technicians are up and running with NetDispatcher. Sure, they will have a ton of questions, but that’s why we are here. With 5 star support, we knock the questions out of the park one by one and make sure everything is running smoothly.

Come join us and see everything in action in our weekly webinar!

*Source: Capterra, 2015 Field Service Management Industry User Research Report.

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