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The closer is brand new sales management tool to track and automate your sales pipeline. It is a brand new way of thinking. It is a precise tool for sales management and for sales personnel. While the traditional CRM functionalities remain, the real power lies in the Closers ability to predict the future and break down the sales targets into understandable weekly actions.

Sales projects


Sales targets


Customer records

Customer activities


Work order management made easy. Digitize your work order process and go paperless. Manage work orders and automate manual processes with recurring, triggered and automated service agreements.

Job description, typing, pricing (automatic)

Maintenance/work history

Maintenance/job records

Attachments (pictures, instructions)

Urgency rating/Alert limit

Used and invoiced hours


Electronic signature

Service agreements/recurring jobs

Spare part/utensil usage

Endless amount of inventory locations

Location-specific products


Full tool set for scheduling and resourcing. Plan ahead with drag and drop scheduling and dispatching tools and still retain the ability to react to changes. Real time dispatching to any Internet capable mobile device enables two-way communication with field personnel to save time at both ends.

Automatic order of jobs according to the shortest route

Automatic time cards from completed jobs

Daily logging of hours

Time card approval levels

Task-specific time

Mobile Access

Cross platform mobile device support with powerful features. Dispatch tasks to any portable device and go paper free. Choose your mobile devices freely based on your needs for field service personnel. Our service runs on the chosen device with zero installation with powerful features such as crew management, time tracking, client signatures and job management. Everything in real time.

Browsing of tasks/jobs

Starting and ending of working time

Task-specific time

Adding of utensils

Adding of a new job

Additional information and attachments from the field

Client signatures

Adding of assets


Invoices ready for processing seconds after job completion. Review, preview, batch, send, sync-automated. Create invoices efficiently from the completed jobs. Save time with automated billing procedures. Send invoices to QuickBooks, Sage, NAV or other favorite accounting systems, with the touch of a button.

Electronic invoicing

Consolidated invoicing

Automated invoicing

Importing of invoices to financial management software

Open API

The only field service platform that connects all your systems together. Husky Intelligence has connectors that help eliminate double entry of data. With over 1000+ different apps connected with Husky Intelligence, automation is easy. Our open API allows you to create automated connections to whatever you need to automate. As a customer, you have the power to read, write, edit and update all information in our system.

Alerts & Workflows

2-Way communication with artificial intelligence means real time email and sms texting system to notify your emplayees and customers in every step of the process. Alerts & Workflows allow you to automate daily communication and save a lot of time. Send emails, documents and alerts with precise and accurate information. Pull data across platforms to create visually stunning dashboards. Schedule your reports to run and distribute automatically.

Automatic emails and text messages

Automated internal communications

Automated customer communications

Automated alerts and job completion notifications

Two-way SMS

Customizable Reports

The only field service platform that connects all your systems together. Husky Intelligence brings the big boy tools to reporting. With Jaspersoft Report Center and Dashboards, the data is always accessible and visually powerful. Automation is easy and with a native powerful reporting IOS and ANDROID App, you are always in control.

Customized reports

Automated reports

BI reports

Exporting of reports


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