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Thursday, November 9th, 2017

Take a 15 second test to see if you need automation in your field service business.  Then spend a few minutes with us to understand how Husky Intelligence can help you.  We’ll show you a quick demo on how to automate the Estimate process.  We will also show you how to Re-schedule jobs and Optimize the Route.  Then we’ll show you what’s behind the curtain to help make it all possible.  Click here to see the PowerPoint presentation that coincides with the Webinar video.


Items discussed in this webinar:

  • History of Husky Intelligence, formerly known as NetDispatcher
  • Why your company may need Husky Intelligence
  • How Husky Intelligence can help save you money
  • Automation features within the system
  • Industries served by Husky Intelligence


Check out some of our other automation features in our training academy here!


Kimo Turner
Customer Solutions
Number given upon request