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Thursday, November 30th, 2017

Join us in our bi-weekly webinars as we highlight key features in the software and show how to operate certain components within Husky.

In this week’s webinar, November 30th, we highlight the Sales Management and Estimation components of Husky Intelligence.  We will show you how to create and manage sales projects and teams.  Our newest feature, and one of the most beneficial, is our Outlook connection capability allowing you to send and receive emails and view your calendar events all within the Husky system.  Need to create estimates for your customers in the field?  Not a problem.  Join us November 30th to witness the wonderful and outstanding features that Husky Intelligence can offer you and your company.


Items discussed in the webinar:

  • Create and maintain sales projects
  • Sales Activities
  • Outlook connection capability
  • Estimation


Jonathan Frederick
Implementation Specialist
Office: (713) 955-5437