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Creating a better work environment and improving employee satisfaction

work environment

Creating a better work environment and improving employee satisfaction

In an industry such as field service, it is natural to put the focus on the customer. While this is purpose of the business, it is important not to forget about the employees. Especially during busier times, the staff might not get the attention it needs. This blog post will discuss how a good work environment and satisfied customers can affect the business and some simple, yet often forgotten aspects to focus on.

Happy employees = happy customers?


They say that a happy customer is the best ad one can have. What about happy employees? The same could be said about the hiring process – a happy employee is more likely to encourage others to work at the company than an unhappy one.


Besides the hiring process, having satisfied employees is good marketing for the business. Most often these people also have good things to say about the company to potential customers. Furthermore, satisfaction can have a tremendous effect on the quality of work, which in turn can make a customer very happy.

Listen and help


As it has been established, a good work environment is important. In order to keep your employees and keep them happy, put effort into making them feel comfortable with feedback – both giving and receiving. Make your criticism constructive and really listen to what the employee has to say. You never know what kind of wisdom your employee could share with you unless you are willing to listen.


You should always make training a priority – while some tasks require learning by doing, a good base makes it easier to face challenges. It is better to do things properly at once than spend the time to do them again. Thorough training can also improve the employee’s overall confidence in their job.


Still, everyone needs a little help every now and then – even if they do not want to admit it out loud. A healthy work environment enables the staff to come to others when they need advice on something. Besides other people, also look into some digital options for help – FSM software can take routine work and more off your back.

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