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Our story

How a Finnish software platform found it’s home in the UK

Our Finnish roots

Husky Intelligence was born in Tampere Finland back in 2014. It was founded by ex CEO Seppo Varpukari, who built a similar ERP and workforce management system called Numeron OY with a turn over in 2015 of over 4.2 million euros, Numeron was acquired by Visma in 2016 and this is where the Husky Intelligence journey began.

The software name comes from the nature of the Finnish Lapphund. Thought to have initially been brought in for racing, the Finnish Lapphund were born to run. Agile, obedient and athletic, these dogs are also thought to be incredible intelligent which allowed the founders to coin the phrase Husky Intelligence.

The UK acquisition

Since the inception of Husky Intelligence the current ownership had a territorial license to sell the solution in the UK. Fast forward to 2023 after 7 years and the acquisition was completed which meant that the system is now owned and developed via our UK office in the heart of Lancashire through Soft Sell.

Even though HQ is now UK based, we still support our loyal customers in Finland and the EU alongside our smaller operation in the USA.

The future looks bright

Our development first focus, led by our clients ideas makes for a bright future. We want to make Husky Intelligence the most flexible, easy to use and feature rich FSM, ERP, CRM on the market, worldwide.

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