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Powerful features to automate your processes


Husky allows you to track all your leads and automate your sales workflow. The built-in closer helps you win more business and process information, such as sales figures, instantly.

All forms in Husky are customisable and can be edited to match your existing forms, ensuring that you are only collecting the specific data you wish to collect from new leads.


With one click, Husky lets you create a quote based on your sales lead information, which can then be saved, printed or sent via email. Quote forms can be created from scratch and can be designed to replicate the exact quotes you currently use. These quotes can also be personalised with your custom branding upon request.

Once you’ve won a contract, you can process the estimate, instantly. This will then close the sales project and create a new job using the information previously entered.


Husky lets you turn estimates into jobs with ease. Jobs can then be instantly sent to your field operatives via their mobile devices or they can be organised for a later date using our built-in job scheduler.


Streamline your field service operations with Husky’s powerful scheduler tool. Our drag and drop functionality simplifies the organisation of your field operatives, making it effortless for you to arrange their jobs.

Schedules can be set to automatically recur and can be edited in real-time, meaning your field staff can remain fully informed about any changes to their working day.


Husky automates all the boring parts of the invoicing process and helps to make invoicing a little less tiresome.

You can create invoices efficiently using the information stored against any completed jobs. All the materials used are added automatically and you can create a batch run of 100’s of invoices within seconds. Our software also enables you to create and edit invoices from scratch and send them instantly via email in one click.


Use our world-class reporting centre to keep up with your businesses real-time analytics. With easy to use ready-made reports, you can modify and create powerful insights to keep up-to-date with mission critical KPIs.

Centralising your data and have your most important reports accessible and readily available, within seconds. Use this data to understand key information, such as why jobs are taking longer than expected to complete, or why you may be overspending on your budget.


Mobile allows you to organise your field staff within one centralised platform, wherever they may be located. With the mobile, your staff can:

Service agreements

Husky takes the pain out of creating and managing service agreements. Our software allows you to quickly search your database of customers and use time-based rules to set up jobs to recur on a daily, weekly, monthly or yearly basis. Alternatively, you can arrange jobs to recur every ‘X’ number of days.

Any scheduled work will then be displayed in your employee’s schedule for the duration of the service agreement, eliminating the need to manually create new jobs each time a job is repeated.

Messages and alerts

Husky users can setup automated messages and alerts based on various action triggers. Keep your team informed by sending an instant email or SMS notification, such as:

“When a vehicle check is completed, send an alert to”

Each message can be edited with your custom text, meaning your staff will always be kept in the loop with any important changes or updates at work.

Stock control

Create and manage your stock & inventory stores. Know your current stock levels in real time and have the ability to track where all your important inventory resides.


Digitise your timesheets, time to get rid of paper trials and lost information. Use our solution to manage wages, expenses in one easy to use process. Allow your Timesheets to be passed through the workflow of sign offs and executed for payment with no paper involved.

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