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Are service agreements vital for a modern service company?

Service agreements


Service agreements and the company 


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What is a service agreement?

It is an agreement created between the company and the customer, listing the services the customer is entitled to. It can also be planned to be continuous.


The impact of service agreements for a company 


Is the company succeeding with incoming work contracts?  The growth in clientele and an increased need for invoicing should automatically improve the company’s profit and their status, but it is hard to be efficient with a pen and paper. The worst case scenario is that increasing the customer base and creating more service agreements can even diminish the company’s profit. If the company is not managing their work and clients properly, it is going to become a problem.

Oftentimes long-term service agreements are the ones bringing the most profit to the company.

How does a service agreement help the company?

In service agreements, one can define how often it is necessary to do maintenance for the customer.  No matter the density of the service, it is important that all the routine work can be managed easily. It is not possible to leave all the visits on the shoulders of the manager, but instead there needs to be a tool for the management to use that eases their work. Also, if there are changes in the customer base, it is good to use a tool so the management won’t get buried under the workload.

It is important for any company to really understand their clients. When this information is put into the system, it can be utilized in different situations, such as campaigns. Creating service agreements will generate a lot of new opportunities for the company.

These service agreements will bring automation to the company and decrease the overall stress, since the system will operate on its own.


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