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Benefits of Moving Away From a Paper-Based Process

There are many businesses that still use paper for their processes including quotes, jobs and invoices. Over time, these businesses have found a way to use paper documents to suit them. However, if we compare paper based systems to digitalised platforms, many cracks in the former start to appear. Here are some of the benefits of moving away from a paper based system;


Extra Office Storage Space

Remove those filing cabinets! Digitalised platforms store all of your information securely in the cloud so you won’t need to have droves of paper clogging up your office. The cloud allows you to find what you’re looking for in just a few clicks, so you can say goodbye to flicking through hundreds of paper documents and spend that time on more important things.



Most digital platforms are protected and backed up daily or hourly onto secure servers. This eliminates the risk of damage that can occur to manual documents or theft. Digital platforms also save your information from a fire or natural disaster.


Saving Costs

Most software platforms require a subscription, however you will recoup a good portion of your outlay once you go paperless. No more printers needed, no more stock piling of different sized paper and one pen will last each office member for a full year!


Easy Editing

If you wanted to make changes to a paper document, you would have to draw or write on the content again which makes it look messy and can lead to poor organisation. Digital platforms are editable and maintain a clean look throughout your processes.


Environmental Benefits

Saving the trees! Ditching paper brings huge benefits to the environment and boosts your green credentials.

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