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Case study:
BS Scaffolding

BS Scaffolding are a rapidly growing scaffold contracting company based in Middlesbrough, Teesside, the North East, and Yorkshire

They have a wealth of expertise across a wide range of industry sectors and they aim to provide optimum solutions in terms of quality, cost and programme.

BS Scaffolding’s main focus is on providing quality scaffolds, temporary roofs, hoist and access solutions. Carrying out this mission, they have over 30 members of trained staff, as well as 15-strong fleet of vehicles.

Why Husky?

As a business BS Scaffolding Ltd were using multiple Excel documents to store their data. Initially they wanted to replace these in order to automate their processes but also manipulate Husky to look and act in a similar way to what they are used to.

Because of the customisable nature of the software we have been able to match their job forms to ensure specific data can be inputted into the system for each individual job. From there we scoped out the need to be able to build reports around this data to allow the team to access branded reports at the click of a button.

In a matter of weeks the process of moving away from Excel spreadsheets and inputting data on to Husky was under way and to date there are now thousands of jobs showing on the system with data such as job date and time, location and the operative assigned to each job available with a quick and easy search process.

“I rarely give reviews as I don’t often have time to spare, however I have purposefully set aside some time to ensure that I provide a well-deserved review For Husky AI.
I could bombard my feedback with specifics in terms of the quality support we received from Joel and with it being among one of the highest levels of customer service I have experienced, or the developer’s keenness to help adapt the generic set up to suit our business needs, or even the database format of Husky AI (easy to view and use), but it would end up being an essay.
So, in short, I feel the need express that implementing this database has made such a positive impact on our business in many ways. I hope by writing this it helps other businesses out there make decisions based on genuine feedback from a company that is moving fast with its development and requiring fast action to support its growth.
We that found the information that was provided to us was precise and we have not been the least disappointed in our decision to use Husky. Responses to all my queries (and me being me, there was a lot) were responded to and turned around at a very fast pace, answers were clear, and where necessary, detailed enough for us to make informed decisions quickly.
The support provided to us was “really” second to none, and still is. Initially I thought the database framework may have been hard for them to adapt to our very specific needs and processes, however I was extremely impressed that this was not the case and we have achieved more than we expected from the system.
This is an accurate and real account from someone who is hard to please. With that being said, I can say with confidence how excited I am that this database meets our company needs. We are so appreciative of the continued support and the value of service and commitment still provided to us.
Two thumbs up! And five star rating.”

Dawn Chapman – Office Manager


BS Scaffolding have realised a number of benefits from implementing Husky AI.
Moving to our cloud software has helped automate and improve the running of their scheduling and aftercare processes. The switch to Husky AI has meant a dramatic increase in productivity, less time spent updating spreadsheets and more time spent on business growth.
With the nature of the company, BS Scaffolding is split into daily site work and trade jobs, with this is mind the transparency of Husky allows the team to view jobs all under one roof as oppose to completely different spreadsheets, It also gives clear visibility on where their operatives are at any given point.
Drag and drop scheduling has revolutionised their workflow process, with a large amount of field operatives it can be tricky to manage with things such as absence and jobs running over allocated time slots. The schedule board on Husky AI allows a simple drag and drop solution. Dates, times and operatives can be changed effortlessly with updates being relayed to field operatives automatically, again saving time for office staff.

To conclude, Husky has streamlined & centralised all processes for BS Scaffolding, they now have a well organised daily planner with the ability to report on their works, cash flow and more. With further developments planned Husky AI is only going to strengthen the company and add to their already glowing reputation in the industry.

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