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Case study:
Hi-Line Transport

Hi-Line specialise in transporting any type and size of caravan across the UK

Hi-Line Transport have bespoke vehicles and trailers for this purpose, as well as long serving well-trained drivers and attendants, who help Hi-Line to provide an outstanding service.

Hi-Line transports any type of the following caravans: Static Caravans, Tourers, Trailers, Chalets, Holiday Homes, Residential Homes, Park Homes, Mobile Homes, Twin Units, Leisure Homes, and Log Cabins. This also includes special types such as 14ft Wide 14ft High and 60ft Long.

Why Husky?

Hi-line Transport wanted to be able to track all their drivers across the country. They wanted to see what job each driver was heading to; this was made possible with Husky. It is important for Hi-Line to know exactly where each of their driver’s jobs are so they can plan their next task.


A huge benefit for Hi-Line is knowing exactly where their drivers are on a particular job. The Husky schedule board shows a map to pinpoint exactly where the job is located and they can access live updates from their field operatives with Husky’s job status feature. These functions are great for Hi-Line as they can easily manage their operatives and workload respectively.

With Husky, Hi-Line transport can assign jobs to their drivers. Hi-Line can then instantly send out the job information to their drivers via their mobile phones, making it easy for the driver to have all the necessary information for the job at hand.

“We were on the lookout for a software product to automate our processes, our daily operations are extremely busy, and we knew if we could find a solution to help save time and improve efficiency, it would be of huge benefit to us as a business. Since implementing Husky, we have been able to add our customer base to the system and plan in jobs for our workforce. The Schedule board gives us complete visibility of our daily, weekly and monthly jobs, on top of this we can use the colour-coordinated statuses which show exactly where each job is up to. Moving forwards, we are looking to implement more of Husky’s features into our business, such as invoice synchronisation and bespoke reports.”

Neil McDonald – Finance Director

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