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The Importance of Time and Location Stamps in Husky Intelligence

The Importance of Time and Location Stamps in Husky Intelligence In the evolving landscape of business intelligence and workforce management, the tools that companies utilize can significantly impact their efficiency and decision-making processes. One such innovative feature that stands out in modern workforce management solutions is the time and location stamp, particularly as implemented by […]

Unleashing Data

Exploring the Ease of Export Tool in Husky Intelligence In today’s fast-paced business landscape, data is the cornerstone of informed decision-making. From tracking sales figures to analysing customer trends, businesses rely on robust software solutions to gather, organise, and interpret data effectively. Our solution, Husky Intelligence, offers a comprehensive suite of tools to streamline business […]

Workflow History

Unveiling the Power of Husky Intelligence: Revealing Full Workflow Histories for Enhanced Management In the dynamic landscape of project management, the ability to track and understand the journey of each job is paramount. With Husky Intelligence, this task becomes not only achievable but profoundly insightful. By harnessing its comprehensive features, users can unlock a wealth […]

Our Story

Husky Intelligence was born in Tampere Finland back in 2014. It was founded by ex-CEO Seppo Varpukari, who built a similar ERP and workforce management system called Numeron OY with a turnover in 2015 of over 4.2 million euros, Numeron was acquired by Visma in 2016 and this is where the Husky Intelligence journey began. […]

Empower Your Field Operatives with a Samsung Tab A8

To help you get the best out of Husky Intelligence we have decided to start selling the Samsung Tab A8 for the use of your field operatives. As Husky Intelligence allows your operatives out in the field to complete jobs on their own device, it might be hindered at the fact there is an unreliable […]

Field Service Management Software for Window and Door Businesses

The organising of work for window and door projects plays a significant role. It’s important to coordinate everyday work, recurring, one-off, and add-on tasks altogether. No matter what the job is, it requires a smarter and more streamlined process. Managing window and door installations can be demanding, therefore, a system is needed to make managing […]

Professional Services to Support Our Customers

At Husky Intelligence, we offer numerous types of professional services. Our range of professional services will help your business run smoothly and more efficiently.   Software Integration One of the professional services we offer is Software Integration. Software Integration is the process of linking one software application to another. Typically through Application Programming Interfaces (APIs). […]

The Importance of Software Training

Why training is important? There are many benefits of enrolling your staff in software training sessions, including: Better performance and productivity of the employees who are using the software. By undergoing training, your employees will improve their skills and knowledge and will build their confidence using Husky. This will overall improve their performance when using […]

Does Husky Integrate with Other Solutions?

Yes! We have a unique and open API. Our unique apps are developed to link your important systems with Husky, we can integrate with anything!  We find that most new customers already use an accounting package they are pleased with, so instead of trying to replace that, we are happy to link together. That way […]

The Most Frequently Asked Questions About Husky

Looking for answers to your questions? Here’s 10 of our most frequently asked questions about Husky.   1. What is Husky Intelligence? Husky Intelligence is a field service platform that can help you automate your office, workflow and client communication. With our expertise, we can help you go paper-free.   2. Can I access Husky […]

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