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Does Husky Integrate with Other Solutions?

Yes! We have a unique and open API. Our unique apps are developed to link your important systems with Husky, we can integrate with anything!  We find that most new customers already use an accounting package they are pleased with, so instead of trying to replace that, we are happy to link together. That way your business can run the way you want it to. You can send Invoices and Purchase Orders by synchronising from Husky to the accounts package. This can be done with one click of a button! Meaning no double entering and you still get to use the accounts package you are comfortable with. We also integrate with other software too, including e-commerce platforms such as Shopify and more.


What is Software Integration?

Software integration is the process of linking one software application with another. Typically through application programming interfaces (APIs). An API is a set of definite rules that permit different applications to communicate with each other. It acts as a transitional layer that processes date transfers between systems. APIs enable integration so that the platforms and applications can flawlessly communicate with one another. Husky integrates with 3000+ apps.

Without the interlinking of the applications, your business would be let with handling numerous data sources. This can lead to data duplication, loss, and obscurity, which overwhelms business efficiency and transparency.


Moulding Husky Intelligence Around Your Existing Processes

We believe that businesses should be able to create and use the processes they want to use. Husky’s flexibility provides just that. Rather than trying to mould your business to fit a software platform, you can mould the software platform to fit your business. Integrations mean different tools can work in unity to streamline your workflows, enabling you to have more time to work on other areas such as Sales and Marketing. Many other Field Service Management software providers do not offer this compatibility, you will have to fit into their framework. Entering the same data multiple times can become exhausting!


The Benefits of Software Integration

One of the most substantial benefits of software integration is that all the relevant data is grouped together. This means that data fetching and processing is much easier and smoother for all systems.

By using an integrated system, it can help to achieve a high efficiency with your employee’s productivity. It saves valuable time as it eliminates the need to repetitively input manual date over numerous systems.


Husky Integrates with 3000+ Apps

Husky operates an open API, meaning you can connect Husky with all your team’s favourite tools!

From accounting apps to analytics apps, Husky Intelligence integrates with a range of different types of apps. Such as QuickBooks, Sage, Xero, Google Analytics, Dropbox, Microsoft Teams and many more.


Have an Integration Idea?

We would love to hear it! We can offer you a professional service to help link your solution with Husky Intelligence. Our developers will help you get integrated at an hourly rate of £150.

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