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FSM software in installation and maintenance

FSM software in installation and maintenance

In complex equipment installation and maintenance companies it is important to coordinate everyday work, recurring, one-off, and add-on tasks altogether. A situation familiar to many professionals is, for example, that the customer notices the need for additional maintenance during other work. At the same time, there may be an urgent add-on task somewhere else and the current work will have to be postponed. Husky Field Service Management software is an ideal tool for the installation and maintenance industry.


In varying situations, an FSM system can help a lot. A well-designed system allows the necessary actions to be taken quickly and effortlessly. The information is stored in a centralized database and can be used in real-time by others, such as sales and work management. This avoids mistakes and extra work and ensures customer satisfaction.

Centralized job management helps with everyday changes

The visual view of the Husky software shows all jobs and employees, and the changes can be made easily. Technicians and supervisors will have access to all documents, instructions, videos, and historical fault data before and on-site. All automated with Husky.

Asset register and service agreements at the core of the system

Husky is excellent at automating, building contracts into automated recurring maintenance schedules. Husky automates all of your contract management work with a service agreement and workflow modules. It even runs automatically and lets you focus on changes. With an effective FSM, the amount of unnecessary work is reduced, the company increases its productivity and customer satisfaction.


All data can be managed by mobile phone

Mobile management allows paperless office. The Husky FSM system requires no installations and works on all devices with an Internet connection. Husky handles working time monitoring, automatic two-way SMS notifications as well as email notifications, attachments, electronic signatures, and much more – in real-time.

All in one package

Husky includes all the FSM features needed by a cleaning company in one package. Husky’s FSM system has been found to work well specifically in the cleaning industry and for good reason. With Husky, the company can handle the entire process from sales to invoicing. It allows all information to be found in the same system anywhere, anytime, whether you are in the office or on the move.
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