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FSM software in service industry

field service construction

Work organization plays an important role in service companies. The industry is human-intensive and the utilization rate of human work is of great importance. As the service industry grows, the competition gets tougher and the service level requirements set by customers and partners become stricter. Smooth and cost-effective management of services requires smarter and more streamlined processes and better software to function. That’s why you need FSM software in the service industry.

In constantly changing situations, FSM (Field Service Management) software can help a lot. Managing services is demanding, taking into account the growing flexibility needs of staff and customers. Planning and cost-effective management of daily changes requires a modern FSM system, which makes the overall situation quickly observable and daily changes are easy to make.


Planning services is complicated and its day-to-day management is challenging

Carrying out everyday tasks requires the coordination of many different resources. Coordination of the time window, equipment and employee is the cornerstone of successful resourcing. Recording individual changes and additional work both in the field and in the office should support the process and be more efficient, not increase the possibility of errors. Automation can be used to perform routine functions in the system and to make operations more efficient and reduce the number of errors.


FSM software in service industry. All data can be managed by mobile device

Mobile management allows paperless office. The Husky FSM software requires no installations and works on all devices with an Internet connection. Husky handles working time monitoring, automatic two-way SMS notifications as well as email notifications, attachments, electronic signatures, and much more – in real-time.


All in one package

Husky includes all the FSM features needed by a service company in one package. Husky’s FSM system has been found to work well specifically in the service industries and for good reason. With Husky, the company can handle the entire process from sales to invoicing. It allows all information to be found in the same system anywhere, anytime.

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