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Our Field Service Software Sales Process

Our sales process is something we pride ourselves on. Unlike some other companies, we are genuinely interested in finding the best solution for your needs. If we believe that our product is not right for you, we will be the first to say – even if that means recommending a competitor. We take this approach because we like to develop long-lasting and strong relationships with all our clients. We understand that selling our solution when it is not the best fit can cause endless headaches down the line.

We have written this article to be totally transparent about our sales process – how it begins, how we interact with our clients and develop an understanding of one another, and how we go about demos and proposals. Hopefully, after reading this article, you will be better informed about the way we operate.


1. You Need to Get in Touch

Via live chat, web form, email or inbound call.


2. We Set Up 15-Min Discovery

A chat to discover more about your requirements and make sure there is a big enough gap/pain for us to continue the sales process.


3. We Set Up In-Depth Discovery

An in-depth screen share to discover more about your requirements. Here, we want to get as much info, docs and knowledge of the problems the client faces in the current state.


4. We Set Up a Focused Demo

We set up the demo to focus on your exact problems working as you do in the current state. No more generic demos. We need 3-4 days from the in-depth discovery to prepare your personalised demo.


5. Scope of Works/Proposal

Only when we feel happy that our solution is a great fit for you will we create a scope of works and proposal. If we cannot write a full scope of works in regard to our clients’ needs and implementation requirements, then we will revert to the discovery stage before raising scope/proposal.


4 Steps we need to satisfy to successfully KNOW you!

Use our short and long discovery calls to satisfy the following:

Current State – The state of play at the moment, the problems and pains it is causing.

Future State – Where you ideally want to be how much that can impact your business.

Decision Criteria – How are you going to make a decision and what is your plan?

Buying Process – Who is involved? We need to make sure they are in the relevant meetings as we don’t want a key person to miss out.

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