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Using Alerts and Workflow Automation in Your Business

You can make complicated business processes easier by using workflow automation. When a user action or signal is triggered, automated workflows can act to move data according to your instructions. You are essentially letting automation do the work for you, so you can concentrate on other things.

The right workflow automation software will help to streamline your business so that repetitive and manual tasks are massively reduced. Laborious tasks can really grate on employees too so automating their processes will improve morale in the workplace. Some tasks they used to spend hours doing they will be able to do in just a few clicks.

The majority of workflow automation software does not require a lot of technical knowledge and experience. They are generally quite visual and the actual work processes may largely stay the same, just digitalised.

You can benefit from drag, drop and form functions making this type of software a great fit for most businesses. Many providers also offer customisations so you can tailor the software to perfectly fit your business.

You can also set up alerts for various tasks. The technology uses rule-based logic to automate alerts. This could be alerts to yourself or alerts to clients.

Customers of Husky can set up numerous alerts, such as:

*When a vehicle check is completed and there has been damage report sent, send an alert to X email address*

You can customise the body of text on your email alert to say whatever you wish. This will send immediately to you once it has been saved so you can instantly see that damage has occurred on a vehicle.

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