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Growing potential in property maintenance services

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There is an ever-increasing number of repetitive tasks to do in real estate. New and technically well-equipped apartments are being built especially in growth centers. In addition, retrofitting of new AC equipment has grown exponentially. At the same time, the owners and residents want effortless comfort. Increasingly, instead of doing it yourself, you want a professional to secure the activity.

Equipment for heating, ventilation, water supply and sewage systems requires periodic maintenance, inspections, filter changes, etc. All these regular measures contribute to the safe and carefree life of the occupant and increase the technical life cycle and energy efficiency. Unfortunately, these often remain the responsibility of the occupant, especially in detached houses, where the necessary maintenance is often not done. There is an incredibly large and constantly growing potential in household maintenance services.


Data is more valuable than gold

During installation and maintenance visits, the property’s equipment and its maintenance needs can be collected into a central database. Once the data is collected, the need for scheduled maintenance is well predictable and schedulable. This potential of maintenance services business is huge. For example, Kone Corporation noticed this potential years ago, refined its strategy and maintenance services already cover almost half of the Group’s total net sales. At the same time, customer satisfaction is growing.

Can a company’s management afford to ignore a business that can have an operating profit margin of 15% or more? For some reason, the maintenance business is often ignored, although its profitability is often excellent compared to other businesses. It is also important to note that, from a company valuation perspective, recurring revenue generated through ongoing services is significantly more valuable than revenue generated through one-off events.


Let the software engine generate more revenue

Modern software is able to automatically generate service visit proposals based on service agreements made and customer device data, which can be sent as an SMS message or email to employees and even directly to the customer for approval. This way, employees’ calendars can be filled easily. The key is the data. Is it of good quality and is it used effectively enough?

The Husky software is specifically designed for device data maintenance, service contract management, and automated communication. Service contracts and device data can be entered via mobile interface at the destination, after which the automation ensures that all revenue potential is utilized. Husky runs in the cloud and can be connected to existing systems using an advanced API.

Husky Intelligence provides Husky FSM software and professional services for demanding field service companies. Husky software has users in Finland, the UK, and North America.

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