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Which Industries Does Husky Work Well Within?

The flexibility of Husky makes it suitable for organisations in a range of industries. From landscaping to plumbing, our software can help you to streamline your business and automate your workflow. In this article, we will discuss the industries that Husky works particularly well within and why. We will also highlight some examples of companies who have deployed Husky in their businesses to improve their operational efficiency. 



The first industry of the list is the construction industry. This is because construction companies employ both field and office staff who rely on each other to carry out their jobs. Husky is perfect for construction businesses because it connects and integrates field and office activities, allowing for more effective communication and organisation between the two. Using field service software, the construction industry can efficiently manage projects from start to finish and keep all stakeholders fully informed about each job whilst undertaking work.  

For example, within a matter of weeks, BS Scaffolding were able to ditch their Excel spreadsheets and make the switch to Husky. Now, they have thousands of their jobs showing on the system with searchable data such as job date and time, location and the operative assigned to each job available to all users



Husky fits the maintenance industries like a glove. This includes businesses focussed on industrial maintenance, preventative maintenance, building maintenance and more. For example, one way Husky can be applied within the maintenance industries is through its capability to allow maintenance operatives to take pictures and gather signatures during jobs. This means that any evidence can be uploaded and related back to the office with ease at any time, wherever the operative may be located. 



Husky is currently deployed in numerous landscaping businesses across the UK. The landscaping industry is fast paced, with customers often hoping for and expecting quick turnarounds. Our software facilitates the demands of this industry by allowing businesses to schedule many tasks for employees at once. Husky’s drag and drop scheduling tool means jobs can organised with little effort and schedules can be created to automatically recur. 

One of customers, Sherratt Landscaping, have been able to mould Husky around their business. Their biggest win since implementing our software is their ability to schedule 15 types of work tasks, instantly. As well as this, Sherratt Landscaping use Husky to follow their leads from the point at which they enter the funnel, all the way through to invoicing. As a result, they have a complete understanding of how much progress has been made on each project and when they are likely to be complete.



Husky is also a great fit for plumbing businesses. Again, with plumbing businesses often requiring both office and field staff working in unison, our software is a must-have. Husky AI stores all relevant information within the system, meaning you can automatically populate forms with previously entered data, therefore slashing the time it takes for you to create jobs, invoices and quotes and reducing the likelihood of human errors occurring. As a result, customers of your plumbing business will receive a faster turnaround for the work, without compromising the quality of your service. 


The List Doesn’t End There 

Although we may not have highlighted the industry you operate within in this article, that doesn’t mean we won’t be a great match. We left many industries off this list who can undoubtedly benefit from using Husky. If your business deploys field operatives or operates in a similar manner to the industries highlighted above, then we are sure that Husky can adapt to your needs. As you grow, Husky can grow with you. 


Final Thoughts 

Thank you for taking the time to read our article. We hope you now have a better understanding of the industries which Husky works particularly well within. If you have any questions regarding any of the topics discussed in this article, please don’t hesitate to get in touch. A member of our expert team will always be happy help. 

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