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Professional Services to Support Our Customers

At Husky Intelligence, we offer numerous types of professional services. Our range of professional services will help your business run smoothly and more efficiently.


Software Integration

One of the professional services we offer is Software Integration. Software Integration is the process of linking one software application to another. Typically through Application Programming Interfaces (APIs). An API is a set of definite rules that permit different applications to communicate with each other. This will allow all relevant information to be grouped together. This means that data fetching and processing is much easier and smoother for all systems.

By using an integrated system, it can help to achieve a high efficiency with your employee’s productivity. It saves valuable time as it eliminates the need to repetitively input manual date over numerous systems.

Husky operates an open API, meaning you can connect Husky with all your team’s favourite tools!

If you have an integration idea, let us know and we will help link your solution with Husky Intelligence.


Bespoke Reports

We can build bespoke management reports to help you get all the crucial information from your service management software. Having bespoke reports will benefit your business in many ways, some of which are:

  • Enables managers to understand employee performance.
  • Supplies management with information to make decisions.
  • Allows management to understand areas for improvement.
  • Can sometimes offer insights into the attitudes and motivations of employees.

Husky grants you access to information you would otherwise struggle to find. For example, our system’s world-class reporting centre enables managers to understand the amount of time their employees are spending on each job, as well as how much each job is costing. This information can be used to analysed why your employees may be spending longer than expected to complete jobs, or why jobs may be costing your business more than expected.


System Customisation

Husky offers bespoke forms to our clients, with the ability to replicate your existing forms and processes. This can save our customers time and effort by taking away the manual work involved with creating forms through more traditional methods, such as using paper or Excel.

Husky allows you to copy your terminology over to our forms for any area, whether it is sales, estimates, jobs, or invoices. To further show efficiency of our forms, all information entered will be automatically pulled through onto the next form. Saving you time because you won’t have to re-enter the same information.


Bespoke Development

Here at Husky Intelligence, we offer you the chance to rent one of our very own Husky developers. This is perfect if you have a bespoke feature that you want adding. This could benefit your business massively as the software will become more personalised to your use.


Make An Enquiry

To enquire about any of our professional services, please visit our website at

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