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Growing potential in property maintenance services

There is an ever-increasing number of repetitive tasks to do in real estate. New and technically well-equipped apartments are being built especially in growth centers. In addition, retrofitting of new AC equipment has grown exponentially. At the same time, the owners and residents want effortless comfort. Increasingly, instead of doing it yourself, you want a professional to secure the activity.   Equipment for heating, ventilation, water supply...

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The challenge of an optimal working day has been solved

Has your company struggled with how to perform workday tasks efficiently, even optimally? Organizing tasks and combining the skills of the employees and the skills requirements is challenging. Especially when there are a lot of tasks to do and situations change quickly. The challenge of an optimal working day has now been solved with the help of artificial intelligence.   In August 2020, a group of Finnish...

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Computer – Alan Turing & Co.   Husky Intelligence continually strives to improve the automation features within the system.  We want to stay one step ahead of our competitors by introducing new innovations to our field service management software.  However, most of what we do and strive to accomplish would not be possible if it was not for Alan Turing.   History and Inventors/Influences   Alan Turing was an English computer...

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HAL9000 Horrors of A.I.

Horrors of AI and Halloween   Over the last few weeks we here at Husky Intelligence have been highlighting the features and benefits of artificial intelligence.  The use of automation for field service management companies is a hot commodity and it can assist with your everyday habits.  But, what about the cons of AI?  How can A.I. and its power of automation be frightful for some in...

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